Hero Report #76: Rogue One

Ari convinces Matt that the new Star wars film, Rogue One, has plenty of value for hero-seekers. There’s sacrifice, trust, and honour.

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2 thoughts on “Hero Report #76: Rogue One

  1. I’m just diving right in… ok, quote time: Rebellions are built on hope.
    But so too are empires.

    Terrible things are done in the name of belief systems; to me this movie is a dialogue that mirrors current events in the Middle East (admittedly maybe just my paranoid opinion), and what else but… religion. (Aside: isn’t that relevancy what’s so great about the other movies?)

    We can all agree heroes aren’t just born and it’s against this theologically charged backdrop that the protagonists of this film are made and skyrocketed to heroic glory. Regardless of which set of beliefs one subscribes to (Empire v. Rebel Alliance) both sides have their extremists and both sides are committed to their cause- freedom, stability, whatever. I think Rogue One is a commentary on the power of religion, and what Matt perceived as a ‘lack of agency’ in Jyn I saw as fittingly representative of the modern/average person struggling to stay neutral in a tug of war.

    In the tank scene with the child- someone deeply invested in their cause could consciously choose to leave the girl rather than risk compromising their position ‘for the greater good.’ Would they be wrong? What if Cassian had run out and immediately died? Jyn made the humanitarian choice to save the day (*I will argue that they did not know Jedha was about to be destroyed at that point). Anyways I liked this scene because it was so beautifully written that the viewer is forced to consider which choice they would make.

    Anywho I liked the movie as a whole, both as a war movie and for its relevance. In the end the difference in Jyn and Cassian’s unique paths TO their deaths was what really moved me. Is either of their journey’s less heroic because of their choices?…

  2. Rogue one is like a deja vu; we have nearly the same sujet and ending with the two lovers in the historic Epos “Pompej” (2014). After having struggeld all the threats of human´s life, everybody dies at least in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Both films are not only discussing heroism in fact there is also a strong issue in the fact of humans are mortal and comming to death anyway!

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