Episode 73: Heroism Through Parkour

Ari and Matt welcome Dan Edwardes of Parkour Generations. Dan shares the origin of Parkour, particularly how it meshes the physical and mental. His explanation of the physical preparation in Parkour pairs very well with the mostly mental approach Ari and Matt have discussed for years.

Download the mp3 here.

Episode 72: Do Little Good Things

Ari and Matt move onto the second part of the series on living a life that both prepares you for heroism and brings immediate value.

Doing little good things can prepare you for big good things and it can make the world a better place.

This video from long-time viewer, Brian Riches, can act as a good introduction to mindfulness, as discussed in this episode.

Download the mp3 here.

Episode 71: What is a Heroic Life?

Ari and MattĀ discuss a slightly new angle on teaching heroism – the Heroic Life. This episode starts a short series on the various ways to live heroically. The first suggestion is to have more heroes.

Some resources discussed in the conversation:
Giraffe Heroes
Moral Heroes
A Mighty Girl
The Gallery of Heroes
The Hero Field Guide

Download the mp3 here.