Episode 66: The Hero Report in 2014

Ari and Matt are back for 2014 to talk heroism in the news, research on heroic action, and anything remotely resembling heroism. Let us know your questions and comments.

Download the mp3 here.

One thought on “Episode 66: The Hero Report in 2014

  1. I was missing listening to your podcast, and am glad that you’re back now and ready to make new episodes, but this one certainly was, as Matt himself describes it, a “screed”…

    Would it at all change the conversation about “the” meanings of terms for you to note that both “beg the question” AND “literally” have been used in the ways that you deplore, right alongside the “correct” uses, for centuries? I don’t know whether that would, or should, change your self-described “rearguard” battle for a narrow definition of “hero” and of “heroism”, but it might at least save you some outrage that you could channel elsewhere. 🙂

    As someone who teaches a logic course regularly, I long ago accepted that — as is true of lots of other words and phrases — “begs the question” has two meanings, and that EACH OF THEM IS CORRECT even if one of them sounds, to me, like nails on chalkboard. And in fact, the so-called “original” meaning is one that logicians themselves continue to dispute (and Matt’s characterization/definition of the “correct” use of the phrase during this episode was equally nails-on-chalkboard)! So, I just tell my students, “Here are the ways that logicians use that phrase, and that’s why some people will get twitchy if you use it in this other way, even though that other, so-called ‘incorrect’ way is actually far more common.”

    Best wishes for 2014 and your study leave, and thanks for making your conversations and insights available to the rest of us!

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