Hero Report 28: Female Heroism

Ari and Matt try to figure out what it is to be a heroic woman. Do women need to act like men to be heroic, or is there a different set of actions that describe feminine heroics?

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2 thoughts on “Hero Report 28: Female Heroism

  1. I believe it all comes down to what actually defines a hero, which I think you both brought up. Ari brought up the variation of a ‘nurturing’ hero. Is that primarily female in nature?

    I personally don’t think so. I like Matt’s expansion to self sacrifice and looking at individual cases–the risk, doing for others, etc. Heroism truly is subjective and should be examined.

    Not to throw religion into the mix, but I see two good examples just in the bible. Christ being one–and Christians would argue, myself included, that He was, indeed, the epitome of heroism, making the ultimate sacrifice. However, he was also the Master healer.
    On the other side, we have a brilliant woman like Esther, who, to the sacrifice of her own life…saved the lives of all Israel. She did it through council from her uncle, Mordecai, and her own determination and love–both for her people and for her new husband. So much so, the festival of Purim was established in her honor.

    Just a thought.

  2. Maybe you should take into account WHO is defining the term as well. The gentlemen who’s feeding the immigrants might not seem like a hero to you or me, but what would happen if you asked one of the immigrants he fed?

    Did they simply pass by and get food? Have they been living on the streets and happen to be on the verge of starvation without hope?

    I can give you another example in my own daughter. At eight years old, there was a man who tried to break into the front door of our neighbors home, where a little old lady lived. A sweet woman whom my children had grown very fond of.

    When my daughter saw the man trying to get into the house, she screamed, she yelled for help–but no one came, and the man dashed to another window, INSTEAD of running away. Here’s the clincher–my little girl screamed for me, by name…and I heard her, running upstairs to the front door. When I got outside, I found her chasing off the man with a bat, screaming “Leave Linda ALONE!!”

    Crazy as that was, which I was beside myself with fear for my daughters safety–here was a child who was instantly thrown into action to protect an elderly woman.

    …and if you want to talk about kids, I have eleven.

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