Hero Report 25: George Brymer

Ari and Matt are joined by author and speaker, George Brymer. George recently published “Franciscanomics” about the heroes of the current recession. He has also written about heroic leadership in “Vital Integrities“.

Download the mp3 here.

One thought on “Hero Report 25: George Brymer

  1. These were some good topics…and I wanted to comment on charity and local issues.

    I agree with Ari on filling the gaps…it may be argued as to how those gaps should be filled, depending on your personal views, but what history proves time and again is that the gaps will always get filled. It may not happen right away, nor will it always happen in the way we would prefer, but it does get filled.

    The further someone is removed from the circumstances, the less effective they’re likely to be. IMO, government is always the worst and should be the absolute last case, if ever, scenario.

    The strongest reasons are two-fold: A) they don’t truly understand the situations–they won’t have the connection with those involved as someone within the actually community would, and; B) it breeds levels of apathy.

    What I loved about the stories shared here, gentlemen, is it shows the drive, passion and conviction of ordinary souls who wanted to make a difference. They sought out solutions, using what they had, to assist others.

    Problems are always unique, always personal (to someone) and should always be handled by people closest to the challenge at hand. The motivation will be greatest, the benefits of the actions taken will be reciprocated–encouraging further actions.

    The “real” question is “How do we re-educate and re-motivate society into loving and having compassion upon their fellow men?”

    Only one answer: By example.

    My two cents.

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