Episode 17: The Avengers

Ari and Matt discuss the heroism (or lack thereof) in the blockbuster, The Avengers. Did the “hit them over the head with a hammer” technique work for the heroic themes, or did it render them useless?

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Episode 16: Jensen Kile

Ari and Matt welcome Jensen Kile to discuss his website, Moral Heroes. Jensen explains why he chose moral heroes as his focus as well as how he chooses heroes to feature and then uses those heroes in the classroom.

Download the mp3 here.

Episode 15: What is the Hero Construction Company?

Ari asks questions about The Hero Construction Company, Matt’s school program that teaches kids to be heroes. If you have any more questions, leave them here.

We also delve into the meaning behind Seattle’s super villain, Rex Velvet. Is it a quick attempt at internet fame or a commentary on “real life super heroes”?

Download the mp3 here.