Episode 10: Mike Trivella

Ari and Matt are joined by Mike Trivella to discuss heroism in sport. Mike’s article in The Nextgen Journal focused on the potential role athletes can play in society. Ari pretends to be Charles Barkley.

Download the mp3 here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Mike Trivella

  1. Thanks for the conversation (and for the article it’s based on). I’ve heard only a few of your podcast episodes so far, so take my comment for whatever you think it’s worth: one of the main things that struck me about your conversation was that nearly all the examples that arose were of professional athletes who are black men. It surprised me that the idea that the concept of heroism in sport might be racialized didn’t come up in your conversation. I’m not the first to note that there are double standards in the ways that notions of humility, arrogance, and the notion of self-sacrifice are applied to (prominent) black men. Those standards would be very relevant to any discussion of heroism in sport — especially because none of the conversation (as far as I remember) was about women athletes, and only near the end of the episode is there extended discussion of non-black athletes!

    • Hi Vance, thanks for the comment. Can you expand it a bit? I’d particularly like to hear more on the double standards in relation to humility and arrogance. I think I agree with you, but would like you to flesh it out a bit for readers.

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